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June 4th
3:23 PM




FANIME 2012 FANIVIDEO 3-3 (by acksonl)

Golly, this video is really neat and does a rad job showcasing the stunning cosplays that were at Fanime.

Also, Jordan is in it carrying Pyramid Head at 0:28.

Reblogging for all my amazing friends in this video and the fantastic filming job.

May 30th
8:41 AM







Hey! This still isn’t ship names sorry. 

But! If you were at the Homestuck meetup at Fanime could you reblog this or something maybe with who/what you were? I just got home and I’m so excited it was really cool!!

(Basically this is my only blog that has followers lol)


Whuuuut… Who were you?? I want to know if I met/saw you!!

I was the very short Karkat with the lanky Asian Sollux u.u

GT Equius

i feel bad, like i’ve advertised this enough

i was an eclectica jade uwu not very helpful i know hehehe

i was the god tier jade with the planets! and the one who also got proposed to hehehehe

I was the God Tier Dave who proposed to the Jade ^^^

I was the Jake with fishnets… uhhh

yea and the jake that left my jane hangin for another jake…

May 28th
10:22 PM


“What anime are you cosplaying from?”


a fantastic event in and of itself

9:26 PM
kai is the best karkat

kai is the best karkat

May 27th
10:18 PM

Soooo I am having a p great time at Fanime right now
Lemme tell you…
Dat meet… Mman so many people wow
I was Jake today you may see me in some pictures… Hmmm ye I will reblog them when I have actual internet.

Tomorrow I will be 20’s madam red??
Alrighty hollar if yer here!

May 20th
8:45 PM


So, I’m being FancyStuck ProspitJade at fanime this year. yay! It took me forever to make, but it only ended up costing me about $30, not including the wig, which I’m barowing from lingaring. Maybe. Anyway, I’m overly excited about fanime this year. Is anyone going? 

January 22nd
12:26 AM

a message from Anonymous

Wait you're going to fanime? Cooool! :0

Yes!! :D I try to go every year~

I’ll likely have a table there as well :>

12:11 AM


ah you’re going?? Awesome!! And I have to agree, it’s by far the best con I’ve been to uwu I’ve been to bigger cons even, but the size and community of Fanime is perfect, in my opinion! I plan on attending every year I can

Why yes I am! I try to go every year too! It’s suuuuch a fun con. ouo Will you be cosplaying this year?

Yes, absolutely!! I’m going to try as hard as I can to cosplay Mindfang (This version) but money is tight so I might end up going as a simpler Homestuck character :/ I’ll also be cosplaying as Marceline from Adventure Time, Senior from Junior Senior and Charles from Blood+!

January 8th
6:08 PM

This is the version of Mindfang I’d like to cosplay at Fanime 2012.
This drawin and design is by tyronniesaur!


This is the version of Mindfang I’d like to cosplay at Fanime 2012.

This drawin and design is by tyronniesaur!